Where do I start?……I have a beautiful family whom I hold dear to my heart.  The above picture is a picture of my husband and I with our little rugrats.  That picture was taken in 2011, so the kids are a bit different looking.  I will post more of the kiddos at the bottom.   I have started blogging to help with my faith in Christ.  I also wanted to help others with situations they could be going through.  I hope you find this page as fun as I do.  I will be talking about life, Christ, kids, recipes, etc.  

My titles as you could call them include…. 

Wife*Mother*Teacher*Daughter*Sister*Friend*Counselor (from friends)*Go-Getter*Ambitious*Photographer in the making (or try)*Student

And the newest addition to the list Blogger.

IMG_0004Karen 14  IMG_0020AJ 9  BrooklynBrooklyn 8

IMG_0001                                   IMG_0028Mess with them you mess with brother.

I hope you enjoy this and I hope that I can use this blog for you and also myself.  God Bless.


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