35 years!

Posted: September 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

I usually don’t celebrate on my birthday.  But, today I want to celebrate God!  God made me with His hands in my mother’s womb.  He created me with uniqueness and dedication.  He took His time to make me the way He needed me.  He took special care in my features, making all the hair that I have on my head, making sure that I had His beauty in me.  I did not know Him quite yet but He showed me so much love already.  35 years ago today, He blessed me with seeing His creation that He has made for me (for all of us).

He blessed me with my parents.  I thank them for having me.  I could not imagine having any other parents.  They have taught me life lessons, even when they thought I was not listening.  They continue learning lessons daily in my life. And, I thank them for giving me life and keeping me as their own.  I could not imagine my life any different.  Sure, I have my regrets and pain and sorrow.  But, they have made me into what God formed me to be.  STRONG!! CONFIDENT!!  LOVING!!

Today, I want to say thank you to my parents and especially to God for making me who I am today.

35 YEARS today and more years to come!!  Can’t wait to be with You Lord!! Just another of the many blessings that you have blessed me with.

Just a funny video of Tim Hawkins below.  Enjoy!!


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