You about to make me lose my Jesus!

Posted: September 13, 2014 in Life

My daughter had a friend over last night and while we were talking at the table the girls were talking about High school.  And both of them were telling stories that I would not have heard or seen when I was in school.  As they talked I was admiring their desire for God instead of them just trying to fit in with the other teenagers.  My daughter’s friend stated while she was talking, “Your about to make me lose my Jesus!”  She was talking about a student that would not leave her alone and she wanted to just blow up on the kid.  I can’t say, with the stories they talked about, that I would not blame her.  For the most part they keep their cool.  I had to “steal” her phrase “Your about to make me lose my Jesus!”, because how many times a day do we all get distant from Jesus because of just people?

We all individually have our own annoyances.  The certain things that just get under our skin and we want to blow up.  It could be the little things in life.  A few examples; picking up a glass on the table, picking up socks, getting up in the mornings, etc.  And if you woke up starting to have a bad day, you drive into work and realize the whole drive you had road rage.  (And here in Middle Tennessee, I am not going to lie; I go into that mode about every time I am in a car.  You don’t even have to be behind the wheel.)  You get to work and that one employee (that is the morning person) comes up and is happy and saying “Good Morning!”  And then you say back, “What is good about it?” 

Did you even realize that you left Jesus somewhere besides in your heart?  You lost Him! He did not lose you!  But when and where did you lose Him?  Was it when you woke up and didn’t want to wake up and that moment started your day off on the wrong foot?  Or was it the dogs driving you absolutely crazy?  Maybe the kids not getting into gear for school so you panic thinking you won’t make it to work on time because they are dragging?  Or maybe it is the car that just cut you off on the road? Whatever and whenever it was God NEVER left your side. 

Deuteronomy 31:8 “It is the LORD who goes before you.  He will be with you; He will not leave you or forsake you.  Do not fear or be dismayed.” 

Joshua 1:9 “Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your GOD is with you wherever you go.”

So, why do we think we can solve our own issues?  Why do we always think that we can do better than God can?  We even think the little troubles that we have are a burden to God.  Do you really think God cares how little or big your problem is?  I think we think this because on earth we ask advice and are told “oh, that’s no big deal”.  And then that person fires back a bigger problem they are having.  And then we think that we could have it worse, so we don’t talk about it anymore.  But, those little troubles that you are having now will build up and one day you will scream at your spouse, children, boss, etc. and wonder why you even did.  And yes, there are a lot of people that think they need all the attention and their stories need to be heard more than yours.  Did you ever think that you need to find someone else to turn to?  God wants us to have good friends.  He wants us to have friends that will turn to God and help you through your troubles.  A friend who will sit down and listen to you, not try and top off your story.  The friend that will always have an open ear no matter what time of day it is.  Who is your best friend?  Is it your spouse, sister, brother, member from church? 

No matter whom it is… God is your best friend also.  He is always there no matter what you are going through.  Nothing is too big or too small for Him; even if your hair is going every which way but the right way or you have a friend/family member with cancer.  Your troubles are never too big or too small for Him.  He is your best friend!  We tell our best friend EVERYTHING!  It’s time to start telling God everything as well.

Don’t let people draw you to losing Jesus!  Focus on Him and He will get you through.  I want to pray for you today!  Is there anything that I can pray for you?  Please comment and I will put you on my prayer list.  My prayer today is America!  I want us all to be together like we were 9/11/01.  Don’t wait for a tragedy like that to happen.  Let’s be kind and generous before things like that happen.  Let’s put God first again.  I know some don’t believe.  But, God is love.  Spend time with Him and if you don’t change then fine, but if you do change what a blessing it would be.  What can it hurt?  I challenge you to be in God’s word for 30 days.  IF you take up this challenge let me know, I will pray for you along with my family.  And if you need anything please email me.  I would be glad to help you if you want.

Don’t ever lose JESUS, HE is always with you wherever you go!!!!


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