Happy Birthday!! My Daddio, My Hero!!

Posted: September 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

dad laurie grandkids(2011)

Today, I would like to take time from all the busyness in the world and wish my daddio A very Happy Birthday!!

dad and laurie with aj(AJ’s birth 2004)

There have been times where we don’t see eye to eye on things.  But, at the end when everything has blown over he has always been there for me.  He has always been at least a phone call away.  Instead of writing out a whole long paragraph of why my daddio is the best, I will just make a list of some very few things of why I think he is the best.

dad and laurie

1.  He is a provider. (Workaholic)

2.  He taught me how to grow up. (Just Be ME!)

3.  He disciplined me. (That ONE spanking was all I needed to know not to disobey!!)

4.  He communicated with me. (Oh, some of those lectures!!)

5.  His food concoctions are the best. (I can’t even narrow it down to a few, they are all the best!)

6.  He introduced me to scary movies. (Freddy Kruger was the MAN, and Chucky!)

7.  He taught me how to fish. (Thank you for getting my line of the trees.)

8.  He taught me how to hunt. (Thanks for getting my squirrel out of the tree.)

9.  He just took time to spend with me. (Ping pong, calling, playing catch, etc.)

10.  He taught me to be tough. (Thank you for pulling my leg hairs when I was younger.)

dad and AJ


Dad, you are my hero!  We may have our differences, but that is what makes our relationship strong.  Every time that I had an issue, you have always been there to listen.  Yea, I may not like what you tell me (I’m stubborn) but you tell me what I need to hear.  You are the one who puts me in my place when I need it.  You are the one who let’s me know when I am wrong when I am trying to tell you I am right. (Wonder where I got my bull headedness from????)  If it was not for you putting me in my place, I would think I was perfect and always right.  You have helped me through more than I have probably said thank you for.

I thank you for taking me under your wing when I have needed it.  I thank you for all the memories we have shared and the time we spend together.  We may have started off life a little rough but the last 8 years we have grown to know each other and I could not ask for a better father that God provided me with.

me and dad

“Love never gives up, never loses faith, always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.” (unknown)

Thank you for being by my side after I was saved and changed for the better. 




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