Wednesday-Week 5

Posted: August 20, 2014 in Bible Studies, Intentionally Focused

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“bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other: as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive.  And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.”

Colossians 3: 13-14


Do you struggle with showing love?  How do you show love to others?  

These are two questions that I am struggling with at this moment.  I feel I can show more than I do.  Fact is; I know I can.  But, have I been taking the time to do it?  NO.  Our human nature does not want to give love if we think that we are not getting love.  We let anger step in loves place.  We let resentment kick into high gear and let it fly out our mouths like a jet plane.  This is a big problem of mine.  If I feel like no one in the house is showing love for God or to each other I start getting frustrated.  I get frustrated at myself.  


You go to church expecting love to be showered in you.  You have your smile and ready for love to shine.  Walk into church and find the meet and greet.  Seeing smiles and laughter all around.  You are seeing all the “clicks” where they always are, and with the same people every time there is something going on.  You have mingled with them a couple of times but, No Vibe.  And since your not able to go to church every weekend due to work, things start seeming like you don’t exist.  The love that you once felt when you started going there has vanished.  There is this emptiness of family that is missing.  

We started going to a church and at first it was welcoming arms, smiles, joy, laughter, and family.  You could see the love in the air.  Our family has been going to this church (name unspoken) for about 6 months now.  And lately, due to my husbands work schedule, we are not able to make it every Sunday.  And since this has happened we have felt like no one cares that we are not there.  Prior to this church, we were going to yet another church that felt the same way.  But, when we did leave the prior church, not one person contacted us to see if we were ok or anything.  We do have one person holding on in our present church.  She makes sure our family is doing ok and does a random check in.  To me that is part of showing love, just showing that you care.

A lot of people today may go to church expecting to been shown care to them.  Mainly because that is one thing they have been told in the outside world that us Christians do.  And when they get to church and there was not much care given; they may NEVER step into a church again.  They walked in with high hopes of feeling wanted in life, and when they felt rejected once again they feel no need in coming back.  It is sad to say that there are Christians out there that reject people because of how they look or even how they act.  I bet each of us can think of one person that is/was mean to everyone they met.  But, did you ever think about their life?  How they are being brought up or had been brought up in their home?  They only know what they were taught in their home.  They do not know any other way.

parent not peer

Some kids today do not get much love in today’s world.  Parents are trying to be their children’s best friend instead of their parent.  Children today have a hard time. There is a lot of bullying, mocking, lying, etc.  But, most children are getting taught to do this.  They could be doing all these things because they are being treated this way at home.  The only way to release their hate from home is to turn into something they are not and make everyone around them at school feel the way they do.  It ends up making them feel better because they are not the only one going through it.  


Today, I would like to give each of us a challenge and pray for all the bullies, mockers, liars, etc.  And also pray for the ones that are on the receiving end.  We need to help each other instead of looking the other direction.  Everyone needs someone.  Rather they say they don’t need anyone or not.  They want to stop being mean, angry, hateful.  They just don’t know where and how to start.  And if we all keep ignoring this fact it will continue until Jesus returns.  And on that day it will be too late.  

Don’t let it be too late.  Start praying and thinking of things to do today.  Be forgiving and put LOVE ABOVE ALL THINGS!

Click link below to enjoy a teenager that sings the song Beautiful!!



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