Monday-Week 5

Posted: August 18, 2014 in Bible Studies, Intentionally Focused

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Week 5 Challenge: Write a note to a friend who has “sharpened” you in your faith.  Thank them for their influence, their time, mentioning specific ways they have helped.

Week 5 Memory Verse:  “bearing with one another and , if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also much forgive.  And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.”  Colossians 3:13-14

I found out why I was not able to get Friday of week 4 study from good morning girls.  They changed their name.  How exciting for them.  You can get on their site at  As of now they are getting things organized on their site and we will not have a blog to finish with.  So for the next 3 weeks we will hibernate on my blog.  I will check in now and then on love God greatly and see if they have gotten to their past studies yet.  I am sure it will take time.  So, in the meantime, keep them in your prayers during their transition and as soon as they get their past studies up I will post it on here.

OK, on with today!!! 🙂

“Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.  For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow.  But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!”  Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10


Well, we have made it to week five and this has been an amazing study.  There is not a better time to start the week out but focusing on a great friend who has dedicated his/her time to help your relationship with Christ.  Who is your friend?  Who is the person who lifts your spirits?  Who helps pick you up when you have fallen?  Who you can honestly tell your sins you feel you can not talk to anyone else about? (Besides God of course)  Today I want to dedicate my blog to a special friend of mine.  

Karen H.

karen hauer2

She is an amazing person.  She has been by my side from the day I was saved.  She has taught me God’s love for me, bible studies, how I should be a wife, and how I am held accountable for my own actions.  She is my good reward like it says in Ecclesiastes 4:9.  God crossed our paths because He knew I would need her to get me focused.  I have to admit, I was intimidated by her at first.  Mainly because she has a rock hard love for God and she does have that look of a mother.  (I didn’t want to get in “trouble” LOL.)  I love how she knows not to beat around the bush with me.  Since the very beginning she has been my reward from God.  My “present” He provided me with to keep me in line with Him.  I see her love for our heavenly Father and it motivates me to want the same thing.  She reaches out to God for things that I would normally not think of.  But, when she does it makes me think about where my heart is at that time.  (And needing a heart surgery stitched up by God’s word.) 

karen hauer3

Her smile is contagious.  Who can not love to have a conversation with that smile.  

About a year after I was saved Karen asked me to write my testimony out and give it to her.  (I was not exactly comfortable with this.  My past is not something that I am proud of.)  At this time I was moving 3 hours away and was not going to be able to see her often anymore.  My heart broke for our friendship.  You see, my past friends, when I moved away or did not see them all the time would vanish.  I would never hear from them again.  I would send a text or call, but never had much of a response from them.  But Karen, she is ONE IN A MILLION!!  Right as we moved I did give her my testimony.  I emailed it to her.  I was nervous for her to read it.  I right away assumed the judging would begin and our friendship would be changed.  I was worried.  After she read my testimony, we had an even more connection.  Because now, she knows me much better. I have been moved away for about 1.5 years now and our friendship is still strong.  Of course we wish we lived closer to each other.  She has not given up on our friendship and neither have I.  Karen is still my accountability partner!! She is still my reward from God.  I will be forever blessed and loved in my heart for God introducing her to me.  She is the only friend that has been there for my trials, my pain, my questions (and there has and still is many at times), and also my joy!  Every time we talk God is always apart of our conversation.  There has never been a time where we did not talk about our heavenly FATHER!!  This is one thing that is extremely important to both of us.  I could not ask for a better friend than her.  

I have to brag about my friend now.  (Not that I haven’t already, but you know)…  This past Saturday (August 16, 2014) She did a triathlon.  She has been training her little tail off and did an amazing job!! She finished FIRST in her class!! Did you read that???  SHE FINISHED FIRST!!  Not only did she finish the Triathlon, she finished FIRST!!  How awesome is that?  Here are a couple of pictures that (yes, I stole off facebook) was took during her triathlon.  

She looks like a natural, doesn’t she?

karen hauer1    karen hauer

Karen, you are such an inspiration to many.  I love our friendship and our times together.  Thank you for everything you have done for me.  All your encouraging words and the hard words that you have told me. (I know that is not easy telling me what I need to hear but don’t want to hear it. lol) But, if it was not for you and God I would not have the heart that desires after God.  

Thank you friend and love you!!


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