Intentionally Focused

Posted: July 18, 2014 in Bible Studies, Intentionally Focused


I want to start out by saying that this study is from I have been following and doing these lovely ladies studies for a couple years now.  I admire all the women involved and hope that I can touch lives like they can.  If you have time, please click on the link and check them out.


I ran into this study that I had not done.  A fellow co-worker and great friend TARA WINSTEAD (she is a photographer by the way, click on her name and it will taker you to her website) and I were talking about doing a bible study.  I looked up good morning girls and we ran into Intentionally Focused!!!


This study is an 8 week study.  I hope you take some time out of your busy schedule to join us.  Here are some questions to think over…  What are you Intentionally Focused on?  What are you focused daily on?  How is your Spiritual Life?  What about your marriage, kids, health, or your ministries?  This study will help you get Intentionally Focused on God, your health, your family, your friendships, your HEART!  This study will help you along the way and with a friend by your side, what a great way to get this next 8 weeks going!!!


These next 2 days think of someone who can join with you.  Print off the material for her; make it personal just for her.  Go buy a binder, put the study in it that you printed, write out a note in front of the study of how much your friendship is to you and why you picked her to do the study with you, make the binder personal (example> picture of the two of you, words that describe your friendship, favorite bible verse, etc), set up a coffee time and give it to her as a gift.  You can even make it for your kids if you would rather.  The study for kids is free to print also.  I have the link here.

Below is what we will be going over the next 8 weeks… Starting Monday 7/21/2014… “SEE” YA THEN!!!!

Week 1: Living Focused

Week 2: Spiritual Life

Week 3: Your Mind

Week 4: Your Marriage

Week 5: Your Friendships

Week 6: Your Children

Week 7: Your Ministries

Week 8: Your Health

HERE is a short video of week 1 and one of the good morning girls!!! They are awesome!!

Click Here for the study print out.

Click Here for Reading Plan

Hope you join me this Monday!!


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