Overwhelmed with Blessings

Posted: June 28, 2014 in Uncategorized


I want to apologize.  I have been extremely busy here lately.  My husband and I just recently bought our first home and have been moving, cleaning, painting, and etc.  Our bodies are sore and we are tuckered out.  We still need to get a few things from apartment and clean it, but for the most part we are settled in our brand new home and have experienced so many blessings from our heavenly Father.

No matter how much we sin on a daily basis, our Heavenly Father still blesses our family.  But remember we need to be focused on Him, not our own well beings.  God has been on my heart heavily here lately and I can honestly say that He is working hard at showing me what He needs me to do.

My challenge during this move is to be a prayer warrior.  I had a melt down with God a couple days ago and after tears and anger and sadness of not being focused on Him, HE showed me that HE still loves me and is right by my side.  No matter how many times in one day I disappoint Him, my Heavenly Father is always right there.


During my melt-down I asked God to help me go to work and get the courage to ask all my co-workers and any patients if there is anything I could pray about.  Well, wouldn’t you know HE did just that?  I walked into work that morning and asked all my co-workers.  Then, as I was bringing in patients, I didn’t even have to ask them.  One by one, the patients were telling me what they needed prayers for.  Two patients had their 17 year old child missing, there was a patient going through anxiety attacks due to husband in military and can’t get to him (husband having numerous surgeries), another patient going through own personal medical issues.  It is crazy how God answers our prayers without even having to ask all day.  He just always provides and then it is our choice to obey.

Today I ask that you keep these prayers on your heart as well.  And I challenge you to ask random people if there is anything they would like you to pray about.  If they say no, it’s ok!  Don’t let that stop you from asking the next person that comes along.

Let me know if there is anything I can pray for you.  Right now I ask for patience and to not get anxious about getting things done.  As I know I am driving my husband and Step-daughter crazy.

God Bless.


  1. Grandma says:

    You are in my prayers every day. We are so happy for you and the family getting settled into your home. God is good ,kind and gracious and forgiving. I pray (not for patience) but for Grace to handle all situations. Love you.


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