32 years!!

Posted: June 10, 2014 in Life


It is amazing how God works in our lives.  You see there is this man God created.  God made him strong, hardworking, intelligent, loving, faithful, loyal, talented, and the list could go on.  He is always trying to better himself at everything.  If there is something that he does not know, he makes sure he finds the information and reads up on it to soak in all the information that is needed.

This man was born 32 years ago today!  He has been through a lot in those 32 years.  He has went through extreme heartache as a child, being a parent at a young age, watching the loss of loved ones,  going through divorce, helping his family when they were in need, and getting his college degree.  This man has a heart made of solid steel.  He has been through more than anyone else I personally know.  But, through his hurt, his heartache, his losses, his pain; he still carries on strong and has been for 32 years.

Today this man is 32 years old and he is my husband.  God blessed me with this man.  God knew that I needed him in my life, just as much as he needed me.  As I posted in one of my last blogs,Time Spent, my husband helped me get closer to God.  I love it when he is on fire for God.  He opens my eyes up more when we study God’s word.  And I love that about him.  God has truly blessed my life with an amazing man.  Despite all that he has been through, he still loves God and talks to Him daily.

This man’s name is Joshua (aka- Josh, daddy, husbandy, etc.)!

Husband husband1 husband4

 He is my inspiration!  He is my rock! He works hard for our family to provide and I admire his fire when he is passionate about something.  Today, my wonderful husband, I want you to know how much you mean to me.  I am blessed that God made our paths cross. And, I am thankful that you are a man our kids can look up to and would want to have your passion and effort in their lives.

IMG_0141-1 20131214_183827 husband5 husband3 Husband2IMG_0001

Thank you honey for all your hard work and determination!! May today and everyday always be days that you know we all love you and God loves you even more.


IMG_67715058823791 IMG_67603929142742

These two songs are dedicated to you. Click Below.

God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton

Broken Together by Casting Crowns


Your wifey


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