Proverbs 31 Woman

Posted: May 12, 2014 in Life


What do you think about when you hear Proverbs 31?  Do some of the things you read just rub you the wrong way?  Does it make you want to rip out Proverbs 31 out of your bible?  Could it just challenge you to be more like this unbelievable woman?

I have been doing a Proverbs 31 study on my own. (Trying to see if I have self-discipline.)  I have made it to verse 18 and this Proverbs 31 woman is already challenging me.  I don’t’ know about you, but with my human nature I don’t like to be told what to do.  We humans get defensive when our spouse tells us to do something or even our boss.  Or, how about kids?  I know when I was a kid I did not like being told to clean my room, brush my teeth, take a shower, and OH MY THOSE CHORES I had! UGH!!  We turn to complaining then when we did complain (verbally or just bad body language).  What tends to happen next…?  We are arguing with our spouse, kids, boss, parents, etc.  Then, the domino effect kicks in and suddenly the whole house is in a bad mood.  And it all started with someone asking you to do something that you really did not want to do.

Here is a list of my challenges

  1. Wake up earlier and go to bed earlier (before 10pm)
  2. Commit my work to the Lord.
  3. Work hard without complaining.
  4. Be an image of God and if it doesn’t wear off on others, don’t worry about it.
  5. Be self-disciplined.

What are some challenges that you face?  How do you go about defeating your challenges?  I have to say that since I started this study it has opened my eyes a bit more.  I am growing closer to my Heavenly Father and I have been having a better relationship with my husband and step daughter.  Also, I have noticed me being happy more often.  I love that feeling alone.

proverbs 31

Here are some things I do to help defeat my challenges

  1. First thing in the morning I grab my phone and head to the bathroom to do my morning bladder relief.  As I do I read my bible app verse of the day and read my plan I am working on.

(NOTE: God does not care that you are going to the bathroom while talking to Him.  He just wants your time.)

  1. Pray and ask God to come into my heart to be a servant of His today. And whatever I read to keep it on my mind and in my heart.

Then throughout the day…

  1. Co-Workers Laziness = me talking to God to help me not get angry about it.
  2. Spouse upset about work and takes it out on you = Praying for wisdom to say something to calm him.  And for my strength not to take offense to what he will say. (Pray while he is venting).
  3. Come home from work and house is a mess = Praying and talking to God about calming my nerves.  To not get angry.

Notice that all of my challenges always lead to talking and praying to God?  He wants us to rely on Him.  Just talk to Him and He will help you.

I challenge you this week/month to take time to get into God’s word.  Wake up an extra 15-30 minutes and spend it with God.  I challenge you to see how your mood changes.  Write a list of some things you want to talk to Him about.  Do you want a better relationship with your spouse, a better understanding boss, your kids to be more obedient, have lower the stress, or whatever it is?  And remember to also thank Him for all He has provided for you.  Remember this when you pray… ask to change yourself before you ask to “change” someone else.  It may not be your spouse or whomever needing the “adjustment”, it could just be you.  I know those are hard words to swallow, but it has changed me and my relationship with my husband is much better.

Proverbs 31 15-16

Make out that schedule and make yourself happy again.  Let’s show the world what God’s love is supposed to look like.  You Ready?

Verse of the Day

“And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business, and to work with your own hand, as we commanded you;”  1 Thessalonians 4:11



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