Crazy Love-Chapter 5- Serving Leftovers to a Holy God

Posted: April 14, 2014 in Crazy Love Study

crazy love

First off, I want to apologize for being late on putting this post in here.  I was reading chapter 4 and was finished and went on to Chapter 5 and I just now finished it…. Let’s just say this was hard for me to read as it was for Chan to even write it.  With that said here we go… Chapter 5!!!???

I am not sure why I did this to myself or for you for that matter, but I looked up the word leftover in the dictionary and this is what I came up with…..



1. Usually, leftovers. Food remaining uneaten at the end of a meal, especially when saved for later


2.  Anything left or remaining from a larger amount; remainder.


3.  Being left or remaining, as an unused portion or amount.

World English Dictionary

1. N.  (Often plural) an unused portion or remnant, as of material or of cooked food.

2. adj. left as an unused portion or remnant.

left overs

I will let those definitions sink in for a minute, (this is when you pause and really think about it, ha-ha).  Good old leftovers!! How many of you ALWAYS eat your leftovers in the Refrig.?  Not many?  I didn’t think so.  When I read this chapter I have to say I received a big SLAP IN THE FACE.  I honestly do not think it was just a slap but you understand you read the chapter as well.  When we all think of left overs we think of the food we prepared and had left over from dinner.  Then we put them in the food in their nice Tupperware homes for whenever we use it again.  A week goes by and the food is still in the same spot you put it the night you had “leftovers”.  Then, it’s time to go to the grocery store.  We get back from the store and realize there is not a lot of room in the refrigerator.  So, now it’s time to “clean out” the frig.  You start to and find all the “leftovers” from previous dinners.  This is when our leftovers get thrown in the trash.  Gone.  Pitched. Discarded.  Left unused.  Not only did you not eat the left overs, but we wasted some money in the process.

Our leftovers are never again thought about at times.  They get pushed to the back of the frig, no one wants to eat what we just had the night before, or it’s a saying a lot of us say “I just don’t feel like that right now, maybe later or tomorrow”.  I could not tell you how much leftovers I have thrown away.

So relating this to Chapter 5, do I really want to? No, but is it needed? YES!! God does not want our left overs.  He wants us when we are in full form.  He wants us for EVERYTHING we do.  God wants the best in us.  It’s like the night you slaved over a hot stove to make that perfect dinner for your husband and kids.  He wants the “perfect” meal straight out of the oven, not the leftovers after everyone else is done with it.

This week I challenge you to not give God your leftovers.  Give Him your all-time best.  Let me know how you feel at the end of the week.


Worksheet:  Chapter 5


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