Crazy Love-Chapter 3

Posted: March 31, 2014 in Crazy Love Study

crazy love

Are you still fearing God on a regular basis?  Or you just going about your day not fearing Him at all?  Makes you really think about how you are living, for Him? or for yourself?  Our human nature controls us too much, but Thank God we have a forgiving heavenly Father…..

1. How has the background you came out of helped or hindered your relationship with God as it stands today?

2. How is the Biblical example of love different than that of our culture? What are some specific examples?

3. Are we in love with God, or just his stuff? What is the difference?

4. How would you answer the student’s question (pp. 61-62): “Why would a loving God force me to love Him? Threaten me with hell…if I don’t begin a relationship with Him? Are you satisfied with Chan’s response? Why or Why not?

5. Just for fun: Was there some sort of discipline or parenting that you received as a child that, at that time, you said to yourself, “I will NEVER do that to my kids,” but now you find yourself doing/saying it?

This week’s homework:

1. Watch Chapter 3 video

2. Refer back to your answers to questions from Chapter 1 & 2..(How is your relationship to God and your prayer life going?).

3. Then read Chapter 3.

Answer the Chapter 3  printable questions. And SHARE!!

P.S. –  I hope that more of you will chime in. If you have any suggestions or comments on how to improve the discussion, let me know!

Living for the King,



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