Crazy Love- Chapter 1

Posted: March 17, 2014 in Crazy Love Study

crazy love


I  have decided to take a journey through Francis Chan’s book, Crazy Love.  I can’t wait to dig into Scripture and Francis Chan’s book CRAZY LOVE.  So here is how I am going to do this study.  Every Monday I will be posting some questions about the Chapter we read.  If you run behind that is ok……  This is why there is blogging.  So, if you start feeling terrible because you are not on track, just remember you can catch up at any time.  Whatever is more convenient for you?  I will have a pdf file to click on for the questions for the chapter we will be reading that week.  You can print them off and answer them as you go, or whatever works best for you.   And please once done reading and answering questions I would love to hear from you.  So please comment!!!

So before we start reading and commenting on the chapters, here are a couple of questions to think through to yourself.  Your welcome to comment if you like.

1. What questions about God’s nature and purposes do you have?


2. How is your relationship with God and your prayer life? How would you like to see it change?


3. Are you ready to adjust how you live daily or do you want to just stay the same?

Now for some homework:    Chapter 1 

1. Read the Preface, Foreword, and Chapter 1.

2. Watch the awe factor video….

and Chapter 1 video

3.  Read Isaiah 6 & Revelation 4 (short chapters that Chan refers to in Chapter 1).

4. Wait for my post next Monday, September 9th to comment on the homework!

May you be OVER JOYED by this book and fill your spirit with GOD……


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