90 Day Challenge- Day 24

Posted: February 13, 2014 in 90 day Challenge

weight loss challenge


Not much on my mind today.  My husband and I went to the gun range and had a blast.  I didn’t do too badly.  I do want to say that even on days when you feel like you just can’t do or want to, your body is aching for you to do it.  Our minds try and talk us out of things that we really should be doing for our bodies.  How many times have you wrestled with yourself about food?  How about when you are at potluck?


Our bodies do not want the junk that most people tend to bring to such things.  Our bodies are not in tune with the fact of a buffet either.  Can you honestly say that after you eat these items you feel great?  I know when I was eating those “items” I felt miserable.  I felt like just going home getting into comfy clothes and lie in my chair and watch TV.  (Then the next day wonder why I didn’t have socks)  Our bodies get lazy because of the junk we put in it.  We make our metabolism weak.  We can blame our bodies, but what are you putting in it?  Are you putting in sugar and salty items?


Have you ever read the story of Daniel in chapter 1?  God tells us in this passage that vegetables and water is good for us.  Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah were tested for 10 days on their diet (Vegetables and Water) against the King’s delicacies (and wine) for some of the chosen children of Israel.  At the end of the ten days Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah was of better appearance.  So they told the rest of the men to be on the diet Daniel was on and 10 days later they were better in appearance.  (If you have time read this story, it’s a great one.)


Now I am not saying don’t eat meat and I am also not saying God says you can’t eat meat.  All I am saying is we need our vegetables and water intake.  These are so important to our bodies.  It doesn’t just help us lose weight, but it helps our complexion and energy as well.  Can you tell me after you had some fruit and/or vegetables that you felt terrible?  Fruits and vegetables make us feel good.  If we get the right portions every day you will feel and look amazing.

veggie protein

Here are some portion charts (Remember to get your water in as well)…




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