90 Day Challenge- Day 18

Posted: February 7, 2014 in 90 day Challenge

weight loss challenge


Here lately I have been wondering if having a hunger and being hungry are in the bible.  So, my heart was leading me to look up hunger and hungry scriptures.  I found 5 verses for each word…


                                Hunger                                              Hungry

                          Isaiah 49:10                                        Psalms 107:9

                        Matthew 5:6                                          Proverbs 25:21

                          Luke 6:21                                              Isaiah 58:7

                          John 6:35                                              Luke 1:53

                      I Corinthians 4:11                                Philippians 4:12



What do you think of when you hear the words hunger or hungry?  Most people think about food, but as I read through the above verses, that is not what God is talking about.  God is talking about our hunger for Him.  Remember Day 2 when I talked about craving God and had a sign that you could print out?  Well guess what the definition of hunger is?  You got it- it means having a strong desire or craving for.  What are you hungry for?  Is it food, miscellaneous things, or God?  We should be filling ourselves with the CRAVE of GOD.


Matthew 5:6 and Luke 6:21 talks about being hungry and you shall be filled, but only be hungry for righteousness.  I don’t believe I have seen a bag of chips say righteousness on it.  Or, any other food for that matter.  This is because God wants us to crave His righteousness.  When you think of that bag of chips or bowl of ice cream to conquer that “sweet” tooth you think you have, go to God and get “sweet” talk from God.  We are all on trial and God is the Judge and the Prosecutor.  Are you ready to stand before Him spiritually and physically?  Can you hear Him saying to you “Well done my faithful and obedient servant.”  Imagine you at His feet talking to Him.  Are you telling Him…? “Thank you for helping me through my trials of being physically and spiritually healthy, I could not have gone through it without You.  You gave me strength when I was at my weakest points.”  Or Are you “thinking” (because you are ashamed to say it out loud) that “I wish I had done better.”

sochi sochi1

The Olympics are starting and I love watching all those athletes working hard at what they love to do.  They don’t train overnight, not even a year.  They train for years and years.  It’s something they are passionate about.  I watched the stories last night of a few Olympiads (something called being a parent of an Olympian-forgot the exact name).  The family and the Olympian showed how much support you need to stick with it.  It shows having the accountability and support is an extremely important asset.  One girl had meningitis and lost both her legs from the knees down.  Do you think that stopped her?  NO, she kept working hard at staying and keeping healthy with the support of her parents.  There were injuries and hardships that all of them faced, but not one quit.  They trained and focused and are now ready to run that race.  When was the last time you were passionate about something?  Or think about what you are REALLY passionate about.  What is keeping you from finishing your race?  Those Olympians have lives, jobs, family, friends, etc.  But, they made time for their passion to run their race.  Think of what you’re passionate about and write some things down.  Those passions could keep you from “craving” that food you think you want.  Today let’s get passionate, let’s run our race, let’s CRAVE GOD.


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