90 Day Challenge- Day 15

Posted: February 4, 2014 in 90 day Challenge

weight loss challenge

Alright we are on day 15, How is everyone doing?  How was everyone’s weekend?  My weekend was great! I took the kids to Home Depot to a free kids workshop.  If you are not aware, the first Saturday of every month Home Depot has a free kid’s workshop.  They get to build an object, paint it, and get to take it home.  Last month was a desk calendar and this month was a race car.  Below are some pictures.  If you get the time please take your kids.  They even have a women’s workshop on the third Thursday of every month as well.  I will be going this month, we are making a mirror.

home depotKaren and Brooklyn Hard at painting.

home depot2 A.J. putting on the stickers.

home depot3 Karen and Brooklyn putting on stickers.

home depot4A.J. Finished.

home depot5 All the kiddos after.  Sun was in their eyes. lol

Do you ever wake up and as you are trying on clothes you are thinking to yourself, “Does this make me look fat?”  You ask your husband because you need those encouraging words to get you through the day.  You need to hear that compliment to make you stand up taller, and feel like you have worked hard to get that couple of pounds you have lost the last 2 weeks.  (You did realize this is going into week 3, Right?)  Have you stepped on the scale and seen those numbers and accepted them?  Or do you still feel depressed after stepping off?  Here is a quote from Lysa TerKeurst, “If we make the choice to be Jesus girls who offer our willingness to exercise self-control and perseverance to the glory of God, we can lose weight, get healthy, and walk in confidence that it is possible to escape the cycle of losing and gaining back again.  We can be victorious.  We can step on the scale and accept the numbers for what they are—an indication of how much our body weighs—and not an indication of our worth.”  When you look at those numbers that is not what you are worth.  You are a beautiful Jesus girl who is doing her best to get healthy again.  I was weighing myself daily and at first I was losing weight fast, then all of a sudden I gained 2 of my pounds back.  I started feeling down, but then I focused on God to help me get through this.  I needed His strength to get me over this hump that I thought I was feeling.  Turns out there were no humps, there was no huge hill to climb, and there was only this imaginary mountain I was personally climbing to make it harder on myself.  It did not matter what the numbers said.  It does not matter that I had gained 2 of my 4.6 pounds back.  All that mattered is that I kept my focus on God and myself.  If I let the enemy defeat me because of 2 little pounds, what does that say about my faith?  I made a sign that you can put above your scale.  I know sometimes when you look down at those numbers you make it to what you are worth.  You’re disappointed in yourself, and think you are pathetic for letting yourself get to where you are.  Believe me; I am there with you some days.  I want you to not EVER think that number is what you are worth.  You are worth so much more through the eyes of God.  He made you the way you are.  If you focus on the number on the scale as what you are worth then, you will continually be defeated.  I want you to know that Jesus is standing right beside you telling you, “You are Beautiful, and I love you for who you are, not what you think you should be.” Keep your focus on God.

JESUS GIRL SIGN  (Print this out for above your scale)

Alright now, how are you doing with your goals?  I am going to throw in some spiritual goals this week.  We need to always stay focused on God during our times of struggle.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t do anything alone.  I need God to guide me.  During this physical and spiritual journey we need to stay focused on God, He is the one who is giving us our strength every day to get motivated.  But, remember, He only will give you that motivation if you are praying and giving all your burdens to Him.

Serenity Prayer1

Goals this week:  Physical- 4 glasses of water a day, and 10 sit-ups each night before bed.

Spiritual:  There are 5 Bible stories about strength that is on the top of my head right now.  I want you to read one story a day.

Monday- The book of Joshua (Yes I realize there are 24 chapters, but Joshua tells a lot about strength)

Tues- Gideon Judges 6-8

Wed- Samson- Judges 13-16

Thurs- Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego- Daniel 3

Fri- Daniel in the Lion’s Den- Daniel 6


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