90 day challenge-Day 2

Posted: January 21, 2014 in 90 day Challenge

weight loss challenge


What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word CRAVE?

I asked my husband and he said food.  Isn’t that what everyone thinks about?  Craving=food.

What if we turn things around and say Craving=GOD?  Would you look at the word crave differently?  What would family say if you posted a paper throughout your house saying CRAVE=GOD?  Would there be some questioning?  How would you explain to your family why you have these signs up?


I hate failing at anything (One of my BIG down falls is to confess).  But, about a week ago I was praying to God for help with my failure with food that I  had just started going through.    And it led me to talking with my husband about it.  One thing to know about me, I am not an open book when it comes to me failing at anything, so you can only imagine my feelings at the time the phone was ringing to start telling my husband that I am failing at something (food).  At this time it was about Midnight (My husband works night shift).  I just broke out into tears.  I told him that I am starting to rely on food as an escape.   It was healthy snacks I was eating, but it was large amounts.  I kept telling myself, “Oh, it’s healthy! What can it hurt?”  RIGHT???  WRONG!!!!!  I was hurting my physical and spiritual body each time I took my comfort into food.


My “ISSUE” I am going to call it, started this last time when we moved to Tennessee.   I was living in Evansville, IN when we moved.  My son and I had a lot of discussions before we decided to even move about where he would rather stay with.(Me or his Dad)  Long story short (which I am not going to get into detail about all that)  He (I) decided for him to stay in Evansville for now.  So, to make things easy instead of going through the courts and arguing with an ex, I made a paper stating AJ,my son, is to live with his dad and I get him every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Friday of every month, plus breaks and such.  We have lived in TN now for about 8 months and as I was talking to my husband about my problems he told me what I really did not want to hear but needed to.  I had been DEPRESSED for the past few weeks.

 depressed heart

Didn’t even realize I was depressed??  How could I let this happen?  How could I let myself get this far?  Food had become my escape.  My escape of not seeing my son every day, my escape from being the wife and step mother that I needed to be for those that is still around me full time.  I needed to hear what my husband was saying.  He opened my eyes to what I was doing to myself.  And I was not hurting just myself but others coming in my path.  I just had my blind folders on and not seeing the hurt when I looked in the mirror.  I was craving food not God.

CRAVE BLACK AND WHITE                                          Crave God

My challenge for you today is to print out the paper (above) that I made that says Crave=God and post it around your house.  (I made one in color and black and white).  Save it to your computer so that when you open it you see it.  Do whatever you can to continue to remind yourself that CRAVE=GOD not food.  And if someone asks why, tell them the truth.  Trust me it feels good to just let it off your chest. Don’t let the enemy get the best of you.  TALK!! WE are all here and you also married your best friend (if your married).  Talk to him, my talk with my husband has led me back into blogging again and doing this 90 day challenge, In hopes of helping others as well.

Lastly how is your weekly challenge?  If you forgot what it is, it is drinking at least 2 glasses of water a day.  Are you managing?  I can say I drank 3 glasses yesterday.  I want to get up to 5.  I have a jug that is 64 oz that I fill up in the morning and TRY to get through the whole thing.  But, it seems to defeat me most days.  Hope you all are doing great and are on track.  Would love to heart from you.  Let’s continue to conquer 2014 and prove to God how much we appreciate and love HIS temple (our body) He has provided for us.

suffer to conquer

We all have our different reasons of why we got to where we are, but why let it keep dragging us down?  Let’s hold each other accountable!!!

Made to Crave: Day 2 What’s really going on?

So how are you doing so far?  We are on day 2 and it is convicting me already.  Lysa talks about our ability to desire, to crave, something to draw us closer to God.  Did you answer the questions in the participant’s guide?  What are you doing to draw closer to God?

 How would you describe the kinds of foods you typically eat to satisfy a craving?  Mine would be sweet, cool, crunchy, and maybe warmth

                How do you feel before, during, and after eating your food craving?   I feel good before and even try to talk myself out of eating it at times.  While I am eating, I feel lifeless, like nothing can take its place.  My worries are gone during this time.    And after eating my food craving, I feel terrible, my worries are still there.  They have not left.  Makes you think of someone addicted to drugs or alcohol.  IT’S THE SAME THING.  You may think drugs or alcohol is REALLY bad, but our food cravings are doing bad things to our body just like the drugs we find terrible and the alcohol we see people drink.  So we have NO ROOM to judge.  No one for that matter!! God is the ONLY JUDGE!!!

What did you think about the temptation between Eve and Jesus?  They went through the same thing.  Eve and Jesus were tempted by food.  They were both told of what “finer” things they would have after eating the food.  But, the difference is Jesus DEFEATED EVERY TEMPTATION!!! WE can too!!! 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 says, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness”….  For when I am weak, then I am strong.  Let’s pray together…

Dear Father, I come to you right now to take this food craving burden from me.  I need extreme help in this process, Lord.  I can’t do this alone.  I know I have a support group and I can turn to them, but there are days when I don’t want to talk about my failures because I see others doing what they need to do.  Don’t let those days drag me down.  Help me defeat the enemy from telling me I am a failure.  My hopes and desires are to be able to hear those words of “Well done my faithful servant, Thank you for taking care of the temple I have provided you on earth”.  Change my heart Lord to stay strong towards your words and the support of the others a part of this group.  If not someone else lead let me help lead and fight against our enemy.  If we all work together in a bigger group the enemy will be defeated by us all Lord and what a glorious day that will be.  Lord, I end by saying to help me always to remember to put on my armor so that you will help protect me from the enemy and my temptations that I am faced with today and every day after.  AMEN.


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