Are you confident?

Posted: January 17, 2014 in 90 day Challenge

weight loss challenge

Are you confident that you can do it?  Are you trying to psych yourself out and already say you can’t?  Don’t worry, either way, you are not alone.  I think our human nature tries to tell us we cannot do something.  I mean let’s face it, every time we get our minds to thinking we can lose weight and feel great we see that skinny person eating what we would love to DEVOUR.  But, no, we can’t go there because me sitting there watching that “skinny” person eat that big juicy hamburger with fries, I am gaining the weight!!!! Do you ever think that way?  I joke around all the time with my husband about what he eats I gain, so I really think he should start watching what he eats!!! HAHA!!   No matter what we think it is just the opposite.


God made everyone different.  Unfortunately, some of us have to work harder to keep the weight off.  But, here is the thing that you are not looking at completely….. That skinny person eating that hamburger and fries is just as unhealthy as if you ate it.  Shocker huh!!!???  Our bodies are not meant for garbage.  God gave us this body to BORROW until we go to HIS glorious kingdom.  Do you want to put garbage in something that God personally gave you?  Think of it this way, would you teach your children to be a rude mannered, cussing child?  NO!  We teach them to say please and thank you and excuse me.  So we should be teaching ourselves the same thing.  Our bodies need to be taught by us to be confident and strong.  We need to teach our body that we can go for the healthier food rather than the cheeseburger.  We need to make sure we are eating the RIGHT PORTIONS!!

Here are some portion charts I found that can give you an idea!

portions1 portions2 portions3 portions4 portionsize

Today’s society we eat waaaay too much.  I mean you can go to a fast food restaurant and as soon as you order what do they ask you?  You want to supersize that?  And for some women I know saying no to someone is hard.  But, we need to stay strong and confident and say NO!!! That person is not going to get mad at you for not ordering that Large Fry and coke.  Our human body should not be consuming as much food as we do.  Think of this the enemy used FOOD to get Eve to sin.  The enemy uses all these supersize, sweets, and not so good for you but taste good food to get to you.  The enemy wants us to fail.  The enemy wants us to not take care of God’s temple.  Our body is GOD TEMPLE!! God does not want us to over load ourselves.  He wants us to be satisfied.  Do you honestly feel satisfied after eating what you should not have eaten?  Chances are you were contemplating eating it in the first place and you gave into the enemy.  God gives us a choice, and it’s our choice to eat the right foods to take care of our temple.


We will start the 90 day challenge on Monday January 20, 2014.  I will be reading along in a book also called Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst.  You are welcome to go grab the book and follow along with me.  I will be getting some of my information from her to post on my blog.  I will copy her link below.  Hope to “see” you all on January 20, 2014.  Please leave a comment and let me know if you are joining me.  I can’t do this alone.  I have GOD by my side, but a little extra support never hurt anyone.

God Bless and Looking forward to conquering 2014 with you!!!


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